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If you need a 12472 Criminal Defense Attorney, a 12472 Family Lawyer, or a 12472 Municipal Court Attorney, Call Clifford E. Lazzaro & Associates, P.C. at 732-866-1600. 

For emergencies and after hours, please call Toll Free: 888-866-1600. Clifford E. Lazzaro & Associates, P.C. is a 12472 Lawyer specialized in Family, Criminal and Municipal Court legal matters.

Clifford E. Lazzaro & Associates, P.C. can handle the following cases:

12472 Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • 12472 Computer Crimes
  • 12472 Megan's Law
  • 12472 Illegal Search
  • 12472 Internet Crimes
  • 12472 Child Pornography 
  • 12472 Wiretapping
  • 12472 Drug Crimes

12472 Family Law Attorneys

  • 12472 Divorce
  • 12472 Child Support
  • 12472 Parental Visitation Rights
  • 12472 Parenting Time

12472 Municipal Court Attorneys

  • 12472 DWI (Driving while intoxicated)
  • 12472 Disorderly Person Offenses
  • 12472 Traffic Offenses

Clifford E. Lazzaro & Associates, P.C. is up to date on all current law as the firm can access LEXIS-NEXIS Research System online at any time.
Clifford E. Lazzaro & Associates, P.C. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Call Clifford E. Lazzaro & Associates, P.C. at 732-866-1600 or for Emergency After Hours call Toll Free: 888-866-1600.
We will be happy to assist you in any Family, Criminal or Municipal Court legal matter in the 
12472 area.


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Telephone: 732-866-1600
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